Bay Area
Innovation Alliance

The Bay Area Innovation Alliance (BAIA) is an informal group of CEOs and senior executives from small high tech and biotech companies (started 2009).  The BAIA was initially formed to address issues related to the federal SBIR/STTR program, though we discuss all issues of importance to small high tech firms.  No dues, no staff, no formal organization.  This is not a lobbying organization.  The focus is on networking and sharing information and experiences.



Active Spectrum produces the world's smallest electron spin resonance (ESR/EPR) spectrometer, called Micro-ESR. Applications of Micro-ESR include analysis of antioxidants, lubricants, crude oil, catalysts, biodiesel stability, shelf life of vegetable oil, beer and wine, spin trapping and countless other uses involving measurement of free radicals.


At AGS we have focused our drug discovery efforts on an under-explored target, the Ribonucleoprotein (RNP) complex. RNPs are composed of interactions between structural RNA and proteins. Targeting RNPs is challenging due to the multiple roles, dynamic conformations, and chemical instability of these complexes. To address these challenges, we have developed two key tools. First, we have built a robust cell-based screening platform dedicated to targeting this class of interaction. Second, we have developed novel chemical strategies including the assembly and screening of custom libraries tailored to the chemistry of RNPs.


SA Photonics Inc. (SA) was established in 2002 to provide research and technology development for customers in the US Defense and National Security sector. Today SA Photonics is a world leader in high-speed laser communication, specialty fiber lasers, sensors and virtual reality or head mounted display technologies with offices in the heart of Silicon Valley and in Lexington, Massachusetts. Our staff includes nationally recognized leaders, innovators and operations experts who provide product innovation and transition into production. We are dedicated to lifecycle customer support. The company is headquartered in Los Gatos, CA and employee-owned.

SA Photonics has introduced the highest power broadband laser, fastest laser communication terminals, highest performing miniature inertial sensors and widest field of view for head mounted displays. Our underlying expertise in lasers, pointing and tracking systems, inertial sensing, laser/radar systems and breakthrough vision products is provided by people with decades of proven success, vision and innovation. Keystone technologies in communications, digital signal processing, flexible laser modulation and pointing and tracking systems have been recognized by patents, international acceptance and are supported with modeling/simulation and demonstrated mission success in space, sea, air and land systems. SA Photonics is an award winning supplier and partner for global operations and maintains a strong underlying small, mid-tier and large business supplier base serving defense and commercial customers. More information and news can be found at .


Out of the Fog Research LLC was founded in 2004 to develop technology and manufacture RF products enabled by cryogenics and thin-film superconductor technology for government applications.


Ripple Effects is the leading provider of computer-based experiences for personalized guidance and social-emotional skill building for K-12 students


Alameda Applied Sciences Corporation (AASC), a California Corporation, was founded by Dr. Mahadevan Krishnan on March 31, 1994 to conduct cutting edge research and development (R&D) for the Federal Government and Private Sector customers, and to develop commercial products out of this R&D effort. AASC presently has 12 employees and operates out of a Head Office in San Leandro, CA. Our primary activity is Federally and privately funded research and development in Pulsed Plasma Devices (Coatings, Switches, Sources and Thrusters), with limited product sales (diamond radiation detectors (DRD) and custom data analysis software (SIGNO)).


Integrated Surface Technologies invented its technologies and products at its laboratory at Menlo Labs, in Menlo Park, California since December 2007. The company hit the ground running, designing the prototype RPX delivery system within three months, and demonstrating Repellix for customers by May of 2008. Within its first year of operations, IST has demonstrated its Repellix coating for 30 customers and has succeeded in attracting key investors for its future.


Our clients hire us when they find themselves under pressure to deliver.  They hire us when information is confounding and insights are illusive.  They hire us when decisions have major consequences for their business. And they hire us when they seek a deeper understanding of their opportunities. We help our clients develop extraordinary opportunities, accelerate their growth, and maximize their revenues.  And we do this faster than anyone else.


Lypro Biosciences is a specialty biopharmaceutical company whose proprietary drug delivery technology increases the solubility and bioavailability of hydrophobic drugs and facilitates drug targeting to specific receptor(s).  We have looked to the bodys natural mechanisms for transporting insoluble compounds to develop our novel delivery platform.


KWJ Engineering Inc. is a California corporation dedicated to specialized gas detection applications in the safety field. The Company was started in 1993 by Ken Johnson, after the sale of his previous company, GasTech, to Thermo Electron in 1992. Staffed by personnel experienced in the manufacture and supply of gas detection instruments, the Company can bring together the elements needed to solve any detection problem. In 2007, KWJ merged with Transducer Technology, Inc., adding the development of the next generation of nano-technology based sensors to KWJs history of excellence in gas detection instrumentation. In January of 2008, KWJ acquired Eco Sensors, Inc., the Santa Fe, NM based market leader in functional ozone detection and monitoring equipment for industrial uses. KWJ and its members have a long history of successful ventures in the gas detection industry, and look forward to an even brighter future.


SC Solutions is a high technology company located in the heart of Silicon Valley. The company was founded in 1987 under the name SuperComputer Solutions. Two years later, in 1989, the company incorporated under the name SC Solutions, Inc. and provided advanced structural modeling services using high-performance supercomputers. Later in 1996, the company expanded into advanced process control technology.

OndaVia's platform technology rests on the ability to separate contaminants in a microfluidic channel as well as the ability to detect a large number of those contaminants at part-per-billion levels.

These technologies either work in concert on a single analysis cartridge or can be operated independently. Once the separation or detection occurs, a custom portable instrument will do the field analysis. Real-time analysis can be done on specific contaminants with detection capabilities down to the parts-per-billion level.


It is the mission of Ubiquilight to open up the wavelength range beyond 1700nm to high volume applications with the low cost, ultra-compact fiber laser. This wavelength range is of great interest for key sensing applications in the biomedical, environmental and petrochemical industries.