BlazeTech Corporation


BlazeTech Corp. was founded in 1987 to provide research and development, modeling and simulation, and consulting services in the area of safety, environment and energy. Our forte is in bridging the gap between theory and practice to solve real problems in a timely and cost-effective manner. Our clients have included the Air Force, Navy, Army, NASA, DOE, EPA, fortune 500 companies and several start-ups that we helped launch.


Our technology developments have ranged from conceptual designs to proof-of-concept tests, prototype development and field testing. We have developed novel burners, combustors, and fire detection and suppression systems, and novel instruments for the measurements of temperature and mass flux of fine particles-laden flows and the characterization of size, shape and structure of nanoparticles. We have developed unique software to simulate fire, explosion, blast, reactive dispersion, environmental safety, fate/transport/defeat of chemical and biological agents in air and water, and aircraft survivability/vulnerability.


We have applied them to client problems in Probabilistic Risk Assessments that saved significant life, property and business interruptions. We have offered training courses in these areas in three continents and served as expert witness is major litigations in the US and overseas.