GK Enterprises LLC


George Kachen brings over 45 years of technical, business development and marketing expertise to help organizations meet their goals through his consulting company, GK Enterprises LLC. George re-established his company after retiring from UMass Lowell where he was Senior Director of the Tech Transfer Office.


He has coupled his background in lasers, non-linear optics, nanotechnology and materials with leadership positions in organizations ranging from National Labs (Lawrence Livermore), large companies (Exxon Nuclear; Avco Everett/Textron), small companies (Schafer Corp, Triton Systems, and a start-up) to academia (UMass Lowell). This breadth of experience has enabled him to understand the challenges that organizations face in developing strategic business plans, establishing IP strategies, down-selecting the winning technologies, defining value propositions, and then implementing the plan through proposals, marketing presentations, program management and product development. This background has also enabled him to be a valuable member of Proposal Red Team Reviews and of review panels for non-profits such as the Massachusetts Technology Collaborative, MassVentures and the Middlesex-3 Coalition.


Through GK Enterprises, Dr. Kachen leverages this unique blend of technical and business expertise to help organizations strategize, plan, propose, market and deliver “winning high tech products”—whether the product is basic research, applied research, or product development. He provides the analysis and process to help develop and implement the strategies that enhance the organization’s competitive advantage.


Dr. Kachen received his Bachelors of Science in Engineering Physics from University of California Berkeley, his Masters of Science in Nuclear Engineering (Fusion Option) from Massachusetts Institute of Technology and his Ph.D. in Applied Science from University of California Davis (Lawrence Livermore Campus).


Contact: gkachen@gk-enterprises.com; Cell: (617) 957-4411.