Headwall Photonics, Inc.      www.headwallphotonics.com

Headwall is a Massachusetts-based technology manufacturer of high-performance spectral instrumentation for the following markets:

• Remote sensing

• Advanced machine vision

• Medical & biotech

• Military & defense

With an innovative focus on spectral imaging, Headwall has established a leading reputation for deployment of hyperspectral/multispectral sensors and Raman imaging instruments for military and commercial customers.

Headwall takes a systems-level approach to the design and production of spectral instrumentation solutions by offering a complete solution of hardware sensor instrumentation, application algorithms and software, and a world-class technical support capability.

Headwall’s OEM customers come with interest in establishing robust solutions for the most demanding application environments with the need for the most accurate spectral measurements – from small satellite payloads, to small hand-launched UAVs, to food processing factories, to brain cancer surgical suites, to military vehicles detecting chemical and biological agents.

With high volume manufacturing capability and corporate facilities around the world, Headwall is a truly global innovator to governments and industry partners around the world.