Radiation Monitoring Devices, Inc.       www.rmdinc.com

Located in Watertown, MA, Radiation Monitoring Devices, Inc., RMD, was founded in 1974 to develop and manufacture room temperature nuclear radiation sensors for defense, medicine, research, and non-destructive testing. RMD performs R&D on high performance sensors and sensor systems including x-ray gamma ray and neutron detectors and imaging systems, high speed digital x-ray image systems, high speed optical sensors and sensor arrays, solid state photomultipliers and avalanche photodiodes, and magnetic sensors and eddy current sensor arrays. RMD manufactures and sells radiation sensors and instruments based on them for medical diagnosis, medical research, nondestructive testing, homeland security, astrophysics, and scientific research. Activities range from basic materials science research to commercial production. Information on RMD, Inc., can be found at www.RMDInc.com.