SA Photonics, Inc.


SA Photonics Inc. (SA) was established in 2002 to provide research and technology development for customers in the US Defense and National Security sector. Today SA Photonics is a world leader in high-speed laser communication, specialty fiber lasers, sensors and virtual reality or head mounted display technologies with offices in the heart of Silicon Valley and in Lexington, Massachusetts. Our staff includes nationally recognized leaders, innovators and operations experts who provide product innovation and transition into production. We are dedicated to lifecycle customer support. The company is headquartered in Los Gatos, CA and employee-owned.


SA Photonics has introduced the highest power broadband laser, fastest laser communication terminals, highest performing miniature inertial sensors and widest field of view for head mounted displays. Our underlying expertise in lasers, pointing and tracking systems, inertial sensing, laser/radar systems and breakthrough vision products is provided by people with decades of proven success, vision and innovation. Keystone technologies in communications, digital signal processing, flexible laser modulation and pointing and tracking systems have been recognized by patents, international acceptance and are supported with modeling/simulation and demonstrated mission success in space, sea, air and land systems. SA Photonics is an award winning supplier and partner for global operations and maintains a strong underlying small, mid-tier and large business supplier base serving defense and commercial customers. More information and news can be found at