TIAX, LLC.            www.tiaxllc.com 


TIAX is a design, development, and delivery company focusing on cutting-edge technologies in the areas of: batteries, heating and cooling systems, functional coatings, thin films, functional wearables, and advanced sensors. TIAX takes early stage inventions and innovations, and processes them in our labs into product platforms that are technology-enabled, IP-protected, and substantially de-risked. The platforms that result from our technology processing services are market-ready: for sale, license, spin-out, or joint ventures. Our talented staff’s unique expertise, coupled with our exceptional facilities, allow us to develop select, customer needed, technologies that can be processed in a timely manner to proactively meet market demand.


TIAX addresses multiple markets simultaneously, including: (1) Energy Storage and Battery Safety Technologies where developments take place to increase the performance and enhance the safety of lithium-ion batteries; (2) Thermal Mechanical Systems where TIAX develops energy-efficient technologies for heating and cooling buildings as well as for refrigeration, cooking, and hot water production; (3) Functional Coatings & Thin Films where TIAX develops advanced materials and products to meet major current and future needs in areas such as functional and smart textiles, taggants, and nanostructured coatings and membranes; (4) Specialty Products and Services for discerning customers who either require unique solutions to their material needs or experts to review the customer’s product designs and verify performance claims; and (5) Functional Wearables & Sensors where TIAX has developed magnetic sensors, functional clothing, protective equipment, wearable sensors, and brain monitoring technology. More information can be found on our website at TIAXLLC.com.